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The company's logistics staff organize may day travel on their own



On May 7, at the end of the May Day golden week, the company organized the staff of various logistics departments to travel to the two scenic spots of Pinggu Shilin gorge and Jingdong karst cave to carry out expansion training. The purpose of this activity is to enhance the cohesion and team spirit among colleagues, so that everyone can relax and put into work in a fuller state. The group tour includes not only colleagues from the trade department, finance department and management department, but also employees from restaurants, guard rooms, cleaning, gardening and other departments. In the morning, the first stop is to climb directly to Shilin gorge to challenge your physical strength; in the afternoon, you go to Jingdong karst cave to experience the magical creation ability of nature and appreciate the charm of "the first ancient cave in the world".

Every May Day, Mid Autumn Festival, November and other holidays, the company will organize similar collective activities, which is a welfare for every Shenhua employee. Rich and colorful collective activities can greatly enrich the amateur cultural life of employees and improve the cohesion of enterprises. In the company's corporate culture, "people-oriented" is a very important one. The company is meticulously practicing its "people-oriented" corporate creed in all aspects of employees' food, clothing, housing and transportation. In Shenhua company, employees work happily and efficiently, because they know that their salary and welfare are guaranteed reliably and of high standard. Bill Gates once said that if I can take away the research team of Microsoft, I can recreate another Microsoft. We always believe that only talents are the driving force for the long-term development of an enterprise. As long as it is beneficial to employees, we will try our best to carry out such collective activities, and the company will continue to do so.


Langfang Shenhua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in January, 2005. It is a professional entity company focusing on cold-rolled sheet producing, processing and marketing. It gathers science, industry and trade. It is the first company engaged in cold rolling industry in this area; its completed equipment and technology play a leading role among the domestic cold rolling industries. With more than seven years’ production and management of all Shenhua staff, it has developed into a local mainstay enterprise with more than 700 million assets.

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