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Cold and hard sales:13722612150(Acting manager)/13613260600(Manager Zhang)
Cold plate sales:13722612150(Acting manager)/13613260600(Manager Zhang)


Export Trade:13902005292(Manager Zhang)



Resources:15132626165(Manager Zuo)

Logistics:13731608808(Manager he)

Development History

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Development History

Our company was established in January 2005. After nearly eight years' efforts, the number of employees has increased from 60 to 500, the income of employees has increased from 500 to 5000, the total assets has increased from 19 million to 1.6 billion, the profit has increased from several million to tens of millions, and the profits and taxes have increased from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. In order to solve the local labor day industry and tax, and actively promote the development of related industries in surrounding areas, the company has developed into a local pillar enterprise.

At the beginning of its establishment, the company mainly produced medium and wide band cold rolled sheet, with an annual production capacity of 800000 tons. In recent years, with the strong support and support of local government departments at all levels, the company has continued to innovate. In order to seek better and faster development, it has successively built pickling line, degreasing line, leveling line, etc. the scale of production line has been expanded from the initial three 450 production lines and five 650 production lines to the current three 1050 production lines and one 1380 production line. At present, the company mainly produces cold rolled sheet with width of 600mm-1000mm and thickness of 0.11mm-2.0 mm, with an annual production capacity of 800000 tons. Among them, cold rolled sheet can be widely used in optical fiber cable, printing barrel, office and home, enamel, home appliances and various deep and shallow stamping products. The product quality is excellent, the production mode of variety and small batch is very flexible and convenient.

Relying on the business philosophy of "survival by quality and development by innovation", the company has always paid attention to dynamic supply chain control by using the management method of "trend risk control mathematical model", and firmly believes that "customers make money, the company makes money", forming a sales network centered in Hebei and radiating all over the country. And high quality products are sold abroad.

The company implements humanized management for employees, regularly conducts professional training, quality education and safety education for employees, and has successively built dormitory, restaurant, bathing center and leisure and entertainment center with clean and comfortable environment and complete facilities, so as to continuously improve the material living standard of employees and meet the spiritual needs of employees; the production environment of the factory is neat and clean.

Our company strongly advocates environmental protection investment, of which environmental protection investment accounts for about 10% of the total investment. We have set up a water treatment team, in which a special person is responsible for the water discharge in 24 hours, so that the sewage will never be discharged if it fails to meet the discharge standard. In this special sampling test, manganese and arsenic fully meet the national emission standards.

At the same time of "grasping quality, promoting production, creating benefit and seeking development", the company always keeps in mind to give back to the society. Since 2005, with the strong support of the leaders of the company, we have donated money to the children of poor families for school year after year. By organizing various beneficial activities, we have enhanced the children's self-confidence, self-motivated, love, knowledge and collective sense of honor, and achieved remarkable results.

We will always take "quality is the life of the enterprise, reputation is the foundation of the enterprise, users are the God of the enterprise" as the purpose, and continue to contribute to the local economic development and the local social welfare.


Langfang Shenhua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in January, 2005. It is a professional entity company focusing on cold-rolled sheet producing, processing and marketing. It gathers science, industry and trade. It is the first company engaged in cold rolling industry in this area; its completed equipment and technology play a leading role among the domestic cold rolling industries. With more than seven years’ production and management of all Shenhua staff, it has developed into a local mainstay enterprise with more than 700 million assets.

ADD:East to Beijing,Dachang Economic Zone 


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