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Striving for a "five star" staff home

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Striving for a "five star" staff home


Langfang Shenhua industry and Trade Co., Ltd., founded in January 2005, is an entity company specializing in the production, processing and sales of cold-rolled sheets. It integrates "science, industry and trade". It is the earliest enterprise in the cold-rolled industry in this region. It is a private cold-rolled enterprise with leading domestic equipment and production technology. All kinds of cold-rolled sheets produced by the company have been widely used in household appliances Many fields, such as automobile, construction, food packaging and so on. At present, the total assets of the company has exceeded 1.6 billion yuan, the annual sales volume has exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the annual tax payment has exceeded 20 million yuan. The company covers an area of 200 mu, with a building area of 105 Mu and a comprehensive office building of 10000 square meters. The company has more than 500 employees. It has become a local pillar enterprise and made outstanding contributions to the local economic development and national unity.

The company has built a "people-oriented" development concept, so that every employee is happy to work here. In the logistics support management, the service concept of "everything for the staff, everything for the staff" has been carried out from beginning to end, and the service tenet of "let the staff eat at ease, wash at ease, live at ease, and create a beautiful and comfortable working and living environment for the staff" has been established. All logistics support personnel work together to improve the happiness index of the staff.

Langfang Shenhua industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "typical enterprise of workers' life logistics support" by the trade union of Dachang county

First, to strengthen health supervision, ensure food safety, pay attention to the quality of dishes, and let employees rest assured that they are the "intimate home" of employees.

The company has built a high standard staff restaurant, which is operated by itself. The staff restaurant is located on the second floor of the company's comprehensive office building. The first floor is the kitchen operation room, and the second floor is the dining area for the staff. The total area is 1000 square meters, which can accommodate more than 500 staff meeting or large-scale collective activities at the same time. Among them, it has 300 dining seats, two elegant private rooms and a large VIP Hall, which can accommodate 8 tables of VIP dining at the same time, so as to facilitate customers to visit and dine with company departments. In terms of restaurant staffing, the restaurant is equipped with a restaurant supervisor, a head chef, four chefs, two bakers, four garnishers, two cleaners and one buyer, a total of 15 people. It can meet the needs of various sizes and standards, such as staff meal, guest meal, large-scale event dinner and so on.

The price of the company's food is far lower than the actual cost, which is about 80% lower than the market price. The quality of the food is far higher than the average level of the staff restaurant. All the staff, customers, outsourcing personnel and truck drivers of the company have free meals. The company subsidizes the staff canteen by 30000-50000 yuan per month, and the overall operating cost of the restaurant is as high as 1 million yuan per year, which ensures the staff's needs in the aspects of meal quality, hygiene control and food richness.

All areas of the restaurant are equipped with central air conditioning. The rules, regulations and health standards in the restaurant are clear, the windows are bright and clean, the working area and dining area are orderly separated, the disinfected tableware and cleaning items are put in order, all kinds of raw and cooked food, raw and auxiliary materials, knives and kitchenware in the warehouse and workshop are stored in categories, and all staff are dressed in a unified standard and hold the health certificate (health certificate) , work license). All staff meals are free of charge, and zongzi, moon cakes and other festival food are prepared for the staff free of charge for the important festivals of the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid Autumn Festival, and mung bean soup and other heatstroke prevention and cooling food are also provided free of charge in summer when the temperature is high.

In order to improve the food quality and service quality of employees, the company has also formulated a number of restaurant management systems and food safety management systems. The management department is responsible for supervision and inspection, and conducts spot checks on restaurants from time to time (such as the quality of dishes, health, service, etc.) to find problems and rectify them in time.

In terms of the hygiene control and safety of the restaurant, the company organizes all employees to have physical examination and occupational hazard examination every year, and all new employees need to provide physical examination reports, so as to ensure the safety of the overall dining in the restaurant. The company also organizes the staff of the whole factory to conduct democratic appraisal on the restaurant twice a year, scoring eight aspects such as food hygiene, environmental hygiene, dish types and prices, and meal opening time, and putting forward constructive suggestions to help the restaurant department improve its work.

Second, reasonable arrangement of accommodation personnel, beautiful environment, so that employees have a good rest environment, is the "comfortable home".

In order to let the staff have a good rest environment, with abundant energy into the work and production. There are 35 rooms on the third and fourth floors of the company building, one for men and one for women. The rooms are divided into three rooms, four rooms and six rooms, providing convenient accommodation for inconvenient transportation and migrant workers. The average area of rooms is 25 square meters, and the average area per capita is not less than 4 square meters, including 4 guest rooms, which are convenient for company customers or family members of employees to visit and stay. The dormitory area is managed by special personnel, and equipped with special personnel to clean and clean the public health part. Each room is equipped with central air conditioning, wall cabinet, bedside table, telephone, digital TV, optical fiber network, drinking water and other supporting facilities. At the same time, the main entrances and exits of the on-the-job dormitory are installed with monitoring to ensure the safety of employees' accommodation 24 hours a day. In terms of fire protection, the building is equipped with automatic fire alarm system as a whole, and the dormitory area is equipped with perfect fire-fighting facilities, including fire extinguisher, indoor fire sprinkler facilities, to ensure the fire safety of the staff dormitory. The room is reasonably arranged according to each production shift, and the Department is relatively centralized management, which avoids the mutual influence of the staff in the same room, ensures the sleep environment of the staff, and improves the sleep quality of the staff.  

For some employees who are inconvenient to live in the dormitory and need to rent out, the company will give full rental subsidies and transportation subsidies according to the local rental price.  

In order to facilitate the company's employees and effectively solve the traffic and travel safety problems of employees, the company purchased two luxury buses to pick up employees on time every day.

Third, strengthen the management of employees' baths, and create a safe, hygienic and comfortable bathing environment for the majority of employees. It is a "healthy home" for employees.

There are two employee baths in the company (one male baths and one female baths). The employee baths have sound health management system and disinfection system, disinfection records, self inspection records and treatment records of self inspection results, and full-time health management personnel are set up. Large cabinet air conditioner is installed in the room, with good ventilation and corresponding functional rooms such as changing room, bathroom and toilet, which meet the hygiene requirements. Bath sanitation can directly affect the health of employees. Every day, we have special cleaning personnel to thoroughly clean and disinfect the bath sanitation, so as to provide clean and tidy bathing environment for the majority of employees, and timely replace the damaged bathing equipment. When the equipment fails, it will not only bring trouble to employees, but also a great waste of water Source, causing unnecessary losses. In order to solve the above problems, we regularly organize electricians to carry out comprehensive maintenance on bathroom equipment, and timely replace all damaged facilities, so as to ensure 100% intact rate of facilities after maintenance, which not only ensures the normal use of employees' bathing, but also saves water.

Fourth, pay attention to safety in production, strengthen labor protection, and make employees feel at ease everywhere. It is a "safe home" for employees.  

According to the different positions and work needs of employees, the company regularly issues labor protection articles to all employees every month to comprehensively guarantee the work safety of employees, improve the safety production coefficient of employees, and enable employees to go to work happily and go home safely. The company is equipped with stretchers and other first aid materials, and has cooperation agreements with local and Beijing hospitals to ensure that in case of emergency, the company can see a doctor first and pay later. The rights and interests of employees are protected to the greatest extent.

At the same time, the company also adheres to the development concept of "people-oriented", signs labor contracts with each employee, pays work-related injury insurance for employees on the first day of entering the factory, and pays endowment insurance and medical insurance for employees after the probation period, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. Actively implement the paid leave system. The types of leave include legal holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, lactation leave, work-related injury leave and affair (illness) leave. The above-mentioned leave shall be paid according to the salary structure of the company. In terms of labor relations, on the basis of consensus between the company and employees, the collective wage negotiation contract shall be signed.

The company will arrange unified physical examination and occupational disease examination for employees every year, and establish health records for each employee, so that the health and safety of employees are truly guaranteed, and the happiness index of employees is greatly improved.

Fifth, improve the construction of facilities to make the staff happy and satisfied. It is a "happy home" for the staff.

In order to enrich the spare time life of the staff and create a healthy and happy atmosphere, table tennis tables are set in the dining room on the second floor, billiards and entertainment rooms are set on the fifth floor, which are fully open to the staff during the off hours to fully meet the needs of their spare time life. At the same time, fitness equipment is set up at the gate of the factory to ensure that employees have a rich material and cultural life.  

The company attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture. The company's cultural and sports activities are even more colorful. Every year, the company organizes a high standard Spring Festival Gala, and there is no shortage of dance lighting. Every month, the company holds a collective birthday party for the employees who have their birthdays. Every week, the company organizes employees to watch movies in the company's film screening hall. Every year, around May Day, the company organizes employees of all departments to travel, and every year, it organizes badminton and table tennis Competition, the company to bear all costs, greatly enriched the staff's amateur cultural life.

Zhang Shunli, chairman of the board of the company, put forward the business philosophy of "let happiness accompany us every day, reduce labor intensity and improve happiness index". Since its establishment in January 2005, the company has invested nearly 3 million yuan in restaurant subsidies, dormitory maintenance and other logistics services every year. Last year, it spent another 2 million yuan to buy two buses to transport employees to and from work. Hebei workers' daily made an in-depth special report on the company's "four promotion" activities on the front page of August 28, 2013, and said that the company provided "five-star treatment" for employees. Since the establishment of the company, the monthly turnover rate has never exceeded 2%.


Langfang Shenhua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in January, 2005. It is a professional entity company focusing on cold-rolled sheet producing, processing and marketing. It gathers science, industry and trade. It is the first company engaged in cold rolling industry in this area; its completed equipment and technology play a leading role among the domestic cold rolling industries. With more than seven years’ production and management of all Shenhua staff, it has developed into a local mainstay enterprise with more than 700 million assets.

ADD:East to Beijing,Dachang Economic Zone 


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