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The company held the celebration of "happy spring bud, colorful June 1st"


"Happy spring bud, colorful June 1" -- Langfang Shenhua industry and trade held charity activities on June 1

On June 1, in order to make Chunlei children have a happy, joyful and meaningful children's day, Langfang Shenhua industry and Trade Co., Ltd. held a charity activity in Langfang, Hebei Province with the theme of "happy spring bud, colorful June 1". More than 100 people gathered in Shenhua industry and trade center to witness the important children's festival with special significance.



Activity site

First of all, the children and their parents enthusiastically visited the office building full of artistic atmosphere, and took photos with leaders of Shenhua industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and cadres of county and township women's federations. After that, a party was held in the multi-function hall on the second floor to celebrate June 1. Chen Ran, a student, and Rong Zhen, a parent, spoke on behalf of Chunlei children and their parents respectively. They sincerely expressed their gratitude for the company's love and help over the years, and said that Chunlei's action gave him courage and determination to face difficulties.



Zhang Shunli, chairman of the board of directors of the company, made a speech

In his speech, Zhang Shunli, chairman of the company, encouraged the children to grow up and become talents. He did not feel inferior because of family difficulties, but regarded it as a wealth of life and a positive driving force. He worked hard to learn and give thanks to the society.

During the activity, the students from Dachang Town recited the poem "always be grateful" on behalf of Ma Chuan and Wang Rui Welcome the bright dawn ", let everyone deeply understand the children's gratitude mood and determination to forge ahead, and then successively performed the recitation, taekwondo performance, chorus" grateful heart "and other programs. In order to express the festival congratulations to the children in Chunlei plan, Feng Xikun, one of the top ten young pioneers from Fangshan District, specially came from Beijing to perform for Chunlei children He won the "Hua Mulan" and other programs, and won the applause of the audience.



Children's performance of "grateful heart"



Performance by Feng Xikun, one of the top ten young pioneers in Fangshan District


Over the past 11 years, Shenhua industry and trade company has taken the initiative to undertake social responsibility and is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, increasing from 53 poverty-stricken children to 60 each year, and has successively rescued 109 Spring Bud children. Some of them have completed nine years of compulsory education, with a heart of gratitude, go to the society and take part in work; some continue to study, enter high school and go to university to pursue their beautiful dreams. The good result of all this is inseparable from the persistent support, love and encouragement of the company's leaders and employees over the years!

At the end of the activity, Zhang Shunli, chairman of the company, said: charity and Shenhua development co-exist, and the company will continue to carry out the "Spring Bud Plan" in the future, to be a conscientious enterprise.



Company leaders, county and township women's federation leaders and Chunlei children and their parents took a group photo


After the performance, the organizers and relevant leaders distributed 6.1 children's Day gifts to the children's representatives of the "Spring Bud Project" and those who did not arrive at the scene.


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