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Notice on carrying out a series of activities to enrich the cultural life of employees

All departments, workshops and teams of the company:

In order to show the spirit of the company's employees, effectively activate their cultural life, and build a good platform for employees to show themselves, Since October 2010, the company will continue to carry out a series of activities to enrich the cultural life of employees, including Gala, table tennis, badminton and other cultural and recreational competitions, with various forms and positive themes.

The company will hold the "National Day celebration" Gala party in early October 2010. The program of this evening party should focus on the theme of "unity? Festivity? Harmony? Innovation", reflect the spare time life of employees, and truly let the employees get relaxed and happy in the activities. In order to ensure the smooth running of the event, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1、 Program format

The forms of literary and artistic programs should be rich and colorful, and there should be no limitation on their genres. Solo, song and dance, chorus, opera, crosstalk, magic, sketch, dance, instrumental performance, calligraphy, painting, etc.

2、 Participants

All staff of the company

3、 Performance content

The whole party will be composed of staff talent performance, lantern riddle guessing, on-site lucky draw and other links. The best talent award and the most popular program award will be decided on site. The winners of each link will have exquisite and rich gifts.

4、 Screening requirements

1. Employees can register directly in the management department of the company or in the workshop office. When registering, they need to register the program name, actor name, contact information, etc;

2. Each department of the company's logistics selects at least one program and at most three programs, and the production workshop selects and delivers programs which are arranged by the workshop office;

3. All departments shall report the screened program information to the management department of the company before September 28, 2010.

After receiving the notice, we hope all departments of the company will sign up and take active actions to prepare for the selection program.

More wonderful links, more unexpected talent shows, let's witness together and look forward to your participation!



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