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March 2020 Epidemic donation


During the 2020 epidemic, Langfang Shenhua industry and Trade Co., Ltd. donated materials to the government departments in our county. They thanked them for sticking to their posts during the epidemic period, and spare no effort to lead the Dachang county to fight against COVID-19 together.

Materials donated to the trade union of Dachang County:



Materials donated to Dachang high tech Zone:



Donated materials to Dachang Emergency Management Bureau and ecological and Environmental Protection Bureau:



Shenhua company, as a member of Langfang love enterprise alliance, donated protective clothing, disinfectant, alcohol and other medical materials to Wuhan anti epidemic army hospital. In addition, it also donated 300000 yuan to assist the reinforcement operation, providing a strong guarantee for the front-line garrison troops and military support medical teams in Wuhan anti epidemic army.




Langfang Shenhua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in January, 2005. It is a professional entity company focusing on cold-rolled sheet producing, processing and marketing. It gathers science, industry and trade. It is the first company engaged in cold rolling industry in this area; its completed equipment and technology play a leading role among the domestic cold rolling industries. With more than seven years’ production and management of all Shenhua staff, it has developed into a local mainstay enterprise with more than 700 million assets.

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